About Us

SBG Design INC

SBG Design Inc. was founded by Suzanne Goldberg in 1995.  Suzanne's goal as an interior designer is to interpret not only the clients' needs but to implement them into the actual design without compromising the space. Her discerning attention to detail is reflected in both the aesthetic and functional use of space and design. In interior design, the purchases are selected carefully as home furnishings are more permanent.


 Suzanne's passion for fashion and accessories led her to curate a line of fashionable accessories: SBG -Trendz.  Trendz allows women to accessorize and make changes that express individual style. 

Suzanne has created an innovative line of Signature Stacks. These bracelet stacks are refreshing, contemporary and inspiring. 

 If you are interested in customizing a SBG Signature Stack, please contact Suzanne@SBG-Trendz.com and she will work with you directly to create the stack that suits your personal style.

We invite you to follow us at Trendz, as we promise to bring new and exciting accessories regular basis.